Hall rental fee Hall rental

  • 【Basic rental system】

    It is a rental system including sound, lighting, musical instruments, place fee, staff personnel expenses.
    < Except for some events >

    Basic usage fee will be 50,000 yen, from 14: 00 ~ 21: 00 on Monday to Sunday.

    Basic usage time is from 14: 00 ~ 21: 00, please withdraw until 21: 30.

    If the basic usage time is exceeded, a prescribed fee will be charged separately.
    < Extended usage time = 5 minutes per 30 minutes / UP >

    In the case of a performance twice a day, we will respond to consultation.

    Those who wish for facilities other than the basic set, please consult in advance.

    For organizing the loading and unloading and entrance and exit, arrange personnel on the side of the organizer and follow the instructions of store staff
    Please go so that there are no complaints or accidents.

    Please pay the shop usage fee and paid equipment usage fee on the day of use.

    Since the fee shown and each specification are subject to change without notice, after confirming in advance,
    Procedure please.

    【Drink & Food】

    Basically, our drink & food is one coin system, the shop side will perform drinks and food sales.
    < Drink 500 yen ~ hood 500 yen ~ >

    In the case of an event with 1 drink, [Number of people entering store × 500 yen], if necessary 1 For drinks,
    We will charge the fee of 【drink fee × number of entrants】 from the organizer.

    As for other usage forms, we will decide after a separate meeting,
    Please contact us at any time.

    【How to apply】

    For reservations using the venue, temporary reservations will be accepted by phone from 6 months before the use day.

    The term of validity of the provisional reservation is 2 weeks, please fill in the prescribed application form within the deadline, apply after stamping.

    In the case of not submitting the application form, provisional reservation may be invalid.
    In case of tentative reservation cancellation, please be sure to inform us in advance.

    【cancellation charge】

    In case of cancellation after reservation, please contact us as soon as possible.

    Cancellation within 1 month of usage day will charge 70% of basic charge.

    < Notice >

    ※In addition, please do not hesitate to visit us, please “contact us” by phone.

    JJ CALL’N / 099-227-2255