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    Yota Miyazato

  • Welcome to JJ CALL'N

    Welcome to JJ CALL'N

Store where you can enjoy popular music in Kagoshima city Welcome To JJ CALL'N

Thanks to you, “2018” in November, the 24th anniversary will celebrate! !
Thank you very much.
At our club, we deliver a fun stage mainly on dance music!

― Singer ― Today's Guests

At JJ CALL’N you can enjoy a fun stage with singer.


Born from Nashville, Tennessee

Event Event

Let’s experience the live music of the leading musicians at hand.


You can purchase online.

JJ CALL'N [email protected]

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JJ CALL'N After party

With JJ CALL’N, you will have memorable after party …



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If you have any preliminary reservations, other unknown points, please do not hesitate to contact us.